www.mindtheguide.com Refund Policy

If you want to cancel your booking you can do it up to 4 days before the day of the tour (example: if you have a tour on monday morning at 9.00 you can cancel the tour and ask for a refund up to thursday morning at 8.59). Cancellations within 4 days before the tour don't give you any right to any reimbursal. You can email us directly at info@mindtheguide.com for a refund and we will operate it according to the terms and condition of the cancellation policy.

How to ask for a refund

  1. please send an email to info@mindtheguide.com and write:
    • that you are applying for a refund,
    • the name and surname of who operated the booking,
    • the voucher number and the name of the guide you booked.
    • the date, the hour and the tour you booked.
  2. we will forward the request to the guide who will check your reservation and will refund you if you have the right.
  3. the guide will work your request and in if it is valid the guide will carry out the refund. You will be notified that your request has been accepted with an email from the account info@mindtheguide.com and within 96 hours of our email you will be refunded. DARIO ANDREUCCI refund liability