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Last update: 06/12/2014
  • What Information Do We Collect?

    When you use our websites there’s two types of information that we collect, can be via email, and through our service providers and distribution partners. Personal Information is information that identifies you personally, such as your name and email address. We also collect Other Information that does not identify you personally, such as age , country of residence and other demographic information.

    In order to purchase our products or services, it is necessary for you to provide Personal Information, including your name, address, email address, phone number, credit card details and other personally identifying information. When on our website you are purchasing one of our procucts or service, without the personal information mentioned above, we are not able to confirm your purchase or accomplish your booking.

    When you register with Mind The Guide, we ask general information including your name and email address, and Other Information such as your signup location. If you connect to Mind The Guide using Facebook, we may also collect information that you have decided are available in your Facebook privacy settings, including Personal Information such as your Facebook email address and Facebook username, Other Information such as your profile picture, and any other Personal or Other Information you have chosen to make available.

    When you visit www.mindtheguide.com or any of our affiliates' web pages that are hosted by us, your IP address is authomatically identified, recognized and collected by our web sever. Your IP is assigned by your Internet Service Provider and does not identify you personally. To better and analyze the usage of our website and related services, and to send you more relevant communications, other information as website searches and bookings are tracked by us. If you are subscribed to any of our email marketing communications - including newsletters, it is necessary for you to disclose Personal Information such as your name and email address and Other Information such as your home country. We also use cookies (as discussed below) to collect information about the performance and usability of our websites.

    To improve the usage and professionalism of our website, sometimes we may also ask information as demographic data, including your country of residence, gender, age, travel habits, etc. For the same reason we also use cookies (the use of cookies is displaied in the nex chapter).

    Your contribute to this website is welcomed and can be done by writing reviews or filling out your public profile. We may use and store these contributions with a promotional intent, also displaying them to other users. Please note that if you include in these contributions Personal Information, they can be viewed and used by other users. We are not responsable for the information you decide to include in your contributions.

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  • Cookies, and How We Use Them

    Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website. When you browse our web site we use cookies to identify your computer but they are not use to personally identify you.

    First-Party Cookies: At Mind The Guide we make use of cookies to store your preferences, record session information, collect information on how you visit and access our websites, and to tailor our web pages to your needs. We also use cookies to analyze and measure the effectiveness of our email communications, website features and offerings, and advertisements.

    You can stop cookies by turning them off but you will limit the use of our website. Many browsers have options to turn off the use of cookies: please see the information related to this subject using the link below

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  • Why we use your personal information

    We use your personal information in the following ways:

    • To deliver you the information you request about our services
    • To send you email marketing messages and information
    • To process and accomplish your bookings
    • To confirm your reservation about products you purchase on our website
    • To provide correct billing
    • To disclose and surveycustomer’s demographic details
    • To modify content in order to match customer’s preferencesTo find the profitable way to better our internet marketing like messages emails and promotions.

    We will give you the opportunity to choose if disclosing your Personal Information for marketing finality.

    When you access third-party social media websites and services through Mind The Guide (such as Facebook and Twitter), you are sharing information with those sites, and the information you share is governed by their privacy policies.

    We share this Personal Information with our partners in order to accomplish the purchase as they carry out the service (ex. Tourguides ) When you provide us with your local information, such as your local and mobile number or your email address, your name surname and names of your party members, we share them with our service providers (ex. tourguides) but we do not provide them your Personal Information. If you directly provide your Personal Information to other provider we suggest you to read before their privacy policy. We contract with third parties for marketing and data report: when we share with them your Personal Information, we bound them by an obligation of confidentialy.

    We measure our website performance, our marketing efficiency and the response to our advertising by using services third parties provide us. The reason we collect information is to better the usage of our website and understand how customers behave about our webpages, commercial offers and product.

    When we consider necessary we decide your Personal Information are available also for public authorities of the country you reside or other countries you don’t reside. Usually we disclose your Personal Information according to law enforcement; to comply with legal procedures; to protect our activities or those of our partners, our property and its safety; to protect our terms and conditions; to limit possible damages we may sustain by using legal solution to exercise our rights and secure our privacy.

    We can make accessible Other information for any finalities and in some occasions join them with your Personal Information. When we do this our policy relies to the Personal Information policy as long as the Other information are bound with your Personal Information.

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  • Why Mind The Guide can send you mail

    When you receive a mail from Mind The Guide we do it to inform you about our commercial offer and any other marketing initiative we program for our business. We consider you may be interested in our new products and communication but if you are not you can unsubscribe by using a link contained in the email. You can also use our website homepage, go in “Account” and unsuscribe you by using the “account settings”.

    Even if you do this we still send you email about your booking and purchase or other mail containing eventual changes about our website privacy policy, terms and condition.

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  • Our Security and Storage Measures

    We do our best protecting your Personal Information with security measures to avoid any of our employees or third parties can access without our permit for the above listed purposes. We are also aware that no internet environment can be completely protected So we can not reassure you that any misuse or alteration will never be done to your Personal Information. In case this happens our intention is to keep you informed about any action we intend to carry out to understand the dynamic of eventual gap in our data storage system. We will also inform you about the solution we pursue to solve the occured problem.

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  • Changes to Our Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy can be changed and updated at anytime according to our activity development and the modification of our commercial offer. You can control how our privacy policy is changing reading the last LAST UPDATED POLICY

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  • Contacting Us

    For Mind The Guide services you can access and update your Personal Information online. If you have questions about Mind The Guide's Privacy Policy, please email our Privacy Officer at info@mindtheguide.com.

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