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  • 3 hours tour

  • Coffee break

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The Baths of Caracalla combined with the Colosseum in a unique and sensational archeological tour. We start at the Baths of Caracalla, 10 minutes walking distance from the Colosseum. After the Baths Tour we stop for a Coffee Break and we enter the Colosseum for a full tour of the Monument.



  • The Baths of Caracalla
  • Circus Maximus and Palatine Hill view
  • Arch of Constantine
  • The Colosseum



  • 3-hour guided tour with a licensed guide

  • Skip the line tours to the Baths of Caracalla and the Colosseum

  • Coffee break social in between sites


  • Price of admission to the Baths of Caracalla and Colosseum: 18€*



All our tours are in English.

Duration            3 hours

Meeting Point    In front of Circo Massimo Subway Stop, at the intersection between Via del Circo Massimo and Viale Aventino (Map provided with booking)



Adults (18+)      €39 per person

Youths (4-18)    €34 per person 

Child (0-4)         FREE 



* On the day of your tour, your guide will provide you with 'skip the line tour passes' to the Baths and Colosseum.  The price of the passes includes admission fee + reservation costs, totaling €18 per person.  The admission fees are reduced to €2 if you're under 18 years old (remember to bring with you a valid ID on the day of the tour). The passes you will be provided with are also valid to enter the Palatine and the Roman Forum. For more information read the section NOTE.


All ticket fees must be reimbursed directly to your guide.




Beginning with the vast Baths, the tour takes you through the best preserved thermae of Rome and the Colosseum.


The Baths of Caracalla

The city of Rome had approximately one million inhabitants at the time the Baths were built (AD 211-216).  Commissioned by Emperor Caracalla, the Baths served to improve hygienic needs of the city and health of its citizens. Today, visitors can walk through its well-preserved halls, visiting the dressing rooms (apodyteria) and viewing the areas where once there were an Olympic-sized swimming pool (natatio), the cold hall (frigidarium), and the hot room (calidarium). Journey through the exercise courts (palaestrae), where informal business deals were made and political decisions were determined. 

The sheer magnitude of the structure with its colossal walls draws the eyes skyward as you try to understand just how it was possible to create such an incredible structure, solely dedicated to leisure and self-care, sports and literary gatherings. 
Can you imagine such a place now, where training both the body and the mind came before anything else in the day?
Why not breeze through the entry lines to the Baths and walk around its halls in a tour with one of our local tour guides!

After our visit, we can discuss such question over a coffee at a trendy bar while we take in the breathtaking view of the Circus Maximus and Palantine Hill before moving on to our next stop:
the Colosseum.



Commissioned by the emperor Vespasian in AD 70 and inaugurated by his son the emperor Titus in AD 80, the Colosseum stood as a testimony of public service to ancient Romans from all walks of life. Towering at a staggering 159 feet in height, expanding outward at a length of almost 617 feet, and with a width of approximately 512 feet, the Colosseum was home to the gladiatorial games and other forms of entertainment, and was in use for 5 centuries until the end of the western Roman Empire. 

The structure could seat more than 50,000 people and seating was arranged by social status, with the highest ranking (senators) sitting closest to the arena.  During the day, the form of entertainment (considered suitable for supervised children) was usually animal slaughter performed by hunters and gladiators.  In the afternoon, gladiators would fatally duel to the delight of the audience. At night, the entertainment was distinctly even more macabre: executions!

The cost of these forms of entertainment? Nothing. The shows were free and at the expense of the ruling emperor as a means to bolster approval ratings.  Although those days of brutal sport are long past, the Colosseum continues to find its halls filled with daily visitors totaling approximately 20,000 (~6 million per year). 

With renewed improvements to its facilities, beginning in 2014 and stated to be continued into 2015, the almost 2000-year-old structure is assured to maintain its place as being one of the most visited monuments in the world.

Join our team on their next group tour to the Baths and the Colosseum!

    • "Fantastic"
    Reviews by Federico L. from Dundee, Scotland on May 27, 2015

    Elisa was a fantastic guide for me and my 14-year old daughter on our tour of the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla: extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about her work. She pointed out small things that really brought to life the sights, and also helpfully gave us, on request, information about the broader historical context to understand the what we were seeing (since our knowledge of Roman history could do with improvement!). I would recommend this tour and Elisa to anyone visiting Rome.

    • "Outstanding tour!"
    Reviews by Michelle S. from Saugus, USA on Apr 20, 2015

    Camilla was a wonderful tour guide and provided us with a wealth of new and different information, even for those in our family who have already seen the Colloseum and Circus Maximus. We absolutely LOVED the Baths of Caracalla and would recommend it to anyone! Thanks Camilla!


  1. As of July 2014, on the first Sunday of every month, the Colosseum is free to all visitors

  2. Please keep in mind that the Colosseum may be closed due to workers' strike; some areas may also be closed due to flooding on rainy days. As such, these inconveniences are beyond MindtheGuide's control.

  3. In case the tour cannot run as promised, we will offer you a full refund or an alternative tour or a slightly different version of the same tour. We will contact you as soon as possible in order to accommodate you and will work with you to find the best solution.

  4. On the day of the tour, remember to bring with you a valid ID if you are signed up as a young person. In this case you will reimburse your guide with only Caracalla are free for anyone under the age of 18, you must still pay a reservation cost of 2 for the express "skip the line" line admission). All the adult members of the group will reimburse 2 for the reservation cost (in fact, even if the tickets of the Colosseum and the Baths of your guide with €18 each on the day of the tour. The ticket cost includes the reservation price and the fee for admission to the Colosseum, the Baths of Caracalla.

  5. The Ticket for the Colosseum is also valid for the Palatine and the Roman Forum. After the tour of the Colosseum, you can enter The Palatine Hill and the Forum on your own. The guide will take care of you, making sure you will reach correctly the entrance of these 2 sites.

  6. Unfortunately, the Colosseum is not equipped with elevators that reach all floors of the structure. As such, we are unable to accommodate people in need of wheelchair access, or who may have significant ambulatory impairments. The ground level and first floor of the Colosseum, however, are wheelchair accessible and are comfortable for all.

  7. Bagpacks, Luggages or big Purses are not allowed in the Colosseum.