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A native of Rome, Dario was raised with a deep appreciation of his unusually rich cultural surroundings. He sees great beauty and brilliance in Rome’s ancient architecture—structures that have withstood the passage of time. His love of Rome has caused him to delve deeply into the study of ancient Roman life and culture.  

Dario’s extensive travels have helped him to more fully appreciate Italy’s renowned culture of combining food, wine, and quality time with family and friends. He encourages everyone to fully embrace the excellent local food and wine, and will give you great tips to ensure you find the best quality restaurants and enotecas (wine bars).

Since completing his degree in Art History and becoming a licensed guide, Dario has enjoyed leading small group tours through the Colosseum Underground and the Baths of Caracalla. Dario's expertise on Michelangelo makes his tours of the Vatican come alive. 

Dario appreciates the fact that people come to Rome for a vacation and need to relax and have fun while exploring ancient Rome! His enthusiasm and sense of humor are contagious—there’s always a bit of humor mixed into his tours, which helps to boost the energy of all, especially those who are still getting over their hard-hitting jet lag.

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    • "Unexpected and unique!"
    Reviews by Taliaa, Hong Kong on Feb 28, 2020

    “Thank you our guide Alessandro, he bring us to some places just unexpected unique and great quality ... he has well connections in the area, we walked together with him you can feel being welcome from everybody :) 來羅馬好幾次,這趟走出旅遊區,更深入了解另一些本地文化及飲食,同一類食物可以有更高層次嘅質素,你會喺這個地方找得到!

    • "Colosseum with VR and Vatican Tour"
    Reviews by Vanessa, New York on Feb 27, 2020

    We had the pleasure to spend our only two days in Rome with Dario. His tour is a unique experience. You don’t see anyone else using the VR as a way to experience Rome in the past . Definitely an incredible one in a lifetime experience. Dario makes you feel like a friend versus a boring tour guide that can’t wait for the day to be over. He’s knowledgeable and his passion shows . Very genuine. We also did our Vatican tours with Dario....another incredible experience. If you want a tour guide that knows his stuff but isn’t boring and but down to earth. Dario is your guy.

    • "This is a unique food tour!"
    Reviews by Stephanie, Windsor UK on Feb 26, 2020

    I've been on a few food tours across the world, but Dario and Sylvia were special. A small group made it feel intimate and it was clear they had great relationships with the store owners and restaurateurs we visited. Meeting outside of the main town, we got off the beaten track and tasted real cuisine the locals eat out, but also visiting a few stores I began to understand how Romans like Dario and Sylvia eat at home, day to day. Authenticity and locality of produce is of utmost important and you can really taste and feel the passion that goes into producing the food you taste on the tour. Dario and Sylvia's knowledge extends beyond the are they show you and they are keen to share tips on other places to eat and experience on your trip. Their knowledge also extends far beyond food and Dario's extensive history and art knowledge and passion shines through. Conversation with our host and other guests while exploring the area was wide ranging and intellectual. I loved the tour and would quite happily do the same tour again if I visited Rome in future. Many thanks.

    • "Unique experience!"
    Reviews by Andrew, Madrid, Spain on Feb 18, 2020

    All the reviews were accurate - Dario was a great tour guide, the VR experience was pretty unique, and overall the small group experience with such a guide made it the perfect way to explore the Colosseum.

    • "Higly recommended!"
    Reviews by Robin, Melbourne, Australia on Feb 18, 2020

    Dario was highly recommended by a good friend of ours and we are so glad we booked two tours with him during our recent visit to Rome. Dario seems to know EVERYTHING about the history of Rome and he explained this so clearly that on occasions we felt like we were actually there with the ancient Romans. If you are going to Rome you absolutely MUST book a tour with Dario. You won't be disappointed and you will also leave having gained a new friend.

    • "Excellent food and tour"
    Reviews by Deborah, Grand Rapids US on Feb 17, 2020

    Dario has found a unique niche activity which would appeal to first time visitors to Rome as well as to old friends. His professional approach and excellent local knowledge truly equates to a quality experience. We tasted some excellent artisan foods and wines, but also learned about the history of this iconic area of Rome. I can highly recommend this experience. Thank you Dario.

    • "Thanks Dario!"
    Reviews by Eugeni on Feb 14, 2020

    Die Tour war definitiv ein Highlight unserer Romreise! Die Kommunikation mit Dario klappte einwandfrei, und er hat auf uns pünktlich am vereinbarten Treffpunkt gewartet. Zuerst hat Dario uns unterwegs eine Menge Geschichtliches über Testaccio und Rom erzählt und gezeigt - auf diesem Gebiet kennt er sich genauso gut aus wie mit dem Kulinarischen. Nach einem kurzem Spaziergang erreichten wir eine Bäckerei, wo wir typisch italienisch mit sehr leckerem Kaffee und Cornetto frühstückten. Danach machten wir ein Paar Zwischenstopps in verschiedenen Lokalen bevor es dann auf den Markt ging. Alles, was wir probierten, hat uns hervorragend geschmeckt und war von bester Qualität. Aber am meisten hat es uns angetan, dass man so sehr einfach mit Leuten ins Gespräch kommt! Dario ist auf unsere Fragen und Wünsche jederzeit sehr engagiert eingegangen, und hat uns noch eine Menge Tipps fürs Abendessen etc. gegeben. Die Kosten für das Essen sind sehr überschaubar, und man zahlt natürlich auch nur das, was man bestellt hat. Und man soll wirklich ganz viel Hunger mitbringen ;) Thanks so much Dario, we really enjoyed every minute of the tour!

    • "Cool and fun!"
    Reviews by Maxime, Montreal CA on Feb 14, 2020

    Knowledgeable and friendly guide, Dario made it a fun moment despite the weather conditions. Not disappointed and highly recommended. Thank you.

    • "Two different tours both were incredible"
    Reviews by Michael, Florida on Feb 10, 2020

    I have been on two separate trips to Rome and both times I booked a tour with Dario. First the Colosseum and then a private tour of the Vatican. Both were absolutely amazing and Dario is world-class the best. My wife and I are looking forward to coming back to Rome again soon and would love to take one of the Food Tours being offered by Dario. His insight, knowledge, and recommendations are all superb. Dario also brought some references with him on the tours to give context to the art and has a way of bringing the history to life. I recommend Dario to anyone going to Rome, from friends to family, to my clients.

    • "Great tour!"
    Reviews by Nikki, London on Feb 8, 2020

    Dario was excellent. He had amazing knowledge regarding the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and everything else surrounding the area. The added VR experience was simply stunning.

    • "Well done!"
    Reviews by Susan, London on Feb 8, 2020

    This interactive experience is the perfect way to spend a morning in Rome. Strolling through the neighborhood and in and out of shops, Dario introduces you to how people in this historically working-class neighborhood live their daily lives. There are many opportunities for tasting before you even get to the new market of Testaccio that was relocated from Piazza Testaccio and opened in 2012. An egg-shaped bite of glistening, smooth white mozzarella that you pop in your mouth and eat all at once, ham cured in two different ways, mortadella, and aged balsamic vinegar were just a few of the foods I tasted as we made our way through the old streets and to the market. Dario is interesting, engaging, and very knowledgeable. His expertise as a guide is evident in the way he has mapped out the route you take, patiently answers questions, and allows enough time at each stop for tasting and discussion, always keeping the commentary and conversation moving along smoothly.

    • "Highly recommended "
    Reviews by Nancy, Birmingham UK on Jan 29, 2020

    Absolutely amazing experience!!! Highly recommend! Dario was very engaging, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. The virtual reality was wonderful and kept us and our two children ages 6 and 8 interested the entire tour! It was a unique experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to book! Thank you Dario!!!! We will not forget this!

    • "Family trip"
    Reviews by Daisy, Florida on Jan 28, 2020

    Dario and the overall tour were great! He provided the informative details that my husband and I found interesting as well as information that would be interesting to my 18 and 21 year old children. He professionally navigates the hoards of tourists and tour groups and adapts the pacing of his tour as necessary to accommodate the client. From the time of my booking until our actual tour time, his communication was efficient and timely. I would highly recommend using Dario and will do so again myself if I'm lucky enough to be back in Italy in the near future!

    • "Fantastic food!"
    Reviews by Sean, Nevada US on Jan 28, 2020

    During our morning with Dario he went to great lengths to be sure we had a very special experience. We really felt welcomed in Testaccio and that we were able to get a sense of daily life in the area. The food was fantastic and it was really a great time overall. Money well spent—thank you Dario!

    • "2 splendid days!"
    Reviews by Eileen, NYC on Jan 26, 2020

    Visiting Rome with friends, our trip was greatly enhanced by having Dario as our guide. Dario is extremely knowledgable, very helpful and personable. Thoroughly recommended!

    • "Very entertaining!"
    Reviews by Julie, Wales UK on Jan 26, 2020

    We had a fantastic evening on this tour, we were introduced to local food and restaurants that we would never have found on our own. All the food is of top quality and delicious. We took a really pleasant walk around the streets of Testaccio stopping at various stores and eateries where we were able to sample local fresh produce. It was a very interesting and entertaining few hours and we were able to learn some historical facts about the area. Dario and his friend are great company and clearly enjoy what they do. I would highly recommend this tour.

    • "Great tour guide!"
    Reviews by Abdur, Saudi Arabia on Jan 26, 2020

    Dario was a great tour guide. He had a huge amount of knowledge of the colosseum and the VR is a really unique experience because it shows you the Roman buildings and statues in all their glory. It is amazing to be transported back to the past with Dario guiding you along the way, describing what used to be there and what it the site was important for. Overall it was a great experience thanks to Dario

    • "Wow!"
    Reviews by Em, New York on Jan 22, 2020

    This tour was amazing! Dario was an incredible guide and had so many interesting stories and facts to share. Much more fun than reading a bunch of plaques! The virtual reality was unlike anything I had experienced before, and well worth the money. Make sure to go with Dario to make the experience extra special!

    • "Perfect way to start our trip!"
    Reviews by Barry, Illinois on Jan 22, 2020

    What a fantastic experience with Dario and Sylvia. It was amazing to know where all the best places were and how to order like an Italian! We tasted the best meats and cheeses and by far the best pizza in the testaccio market. Incredible. They were very welcoming and it was perfectly relaxed pace too. Would absolutely recommend, one of the highlights of the trip. Thanks so much

    • "A great tour!"
    Reviews by Joseph, San Francisco on Jan 17, 2020

    We had an amazing time with Dario - it was great to learn about the history of Rome, the Colosseum and the Forum from him, and the VR was fantastic in giving you a real sense to what the place was like in the past (before everything became ruins). Thanks again Dario for an amazing experience!

    • "Great way to start my trip to Rome."
    Reviews by Brooke, Utah. on Jan 7, 2020

    This was a really fun food experience in Rome. Sylvia was my host and she was SO kind. Really easy to connect with, perfect English, and a great expert on the topic. Thank you!

    • "An amazing experience!"
    Reviews by Nancy, Orlando, Florida on Jan 7, 2020

    Dario is very knowledgable and presented information in a interesting manner. He showed an interest in who we were and where we were from and took the time to answer many questions. Dario definitely makes his tour unique with the use of virtual reality. We were grateful to not have to wait in the long lines. Highly recommend! Thank you Dario :)

    • "Three tours with Dario!"
    Reviews by Randy, Chicago, USA on May 20, 2018

    We did three tours with Dario and each was better than the other. I can't express in words how highly recommend him and MindtheGuide. Worth every penny. Dario's knowledge of Rome is incredible and we truly felt like we were walking with a man who knows everything about the city. Thank you again!

    • "Take these tours!"
    Reviews by Robin, London on May 13, 2018

    Dario was higly recommended by a good friend and i am so glad i contacted him. We booked 2 tours during our visit to Rome. Dario seems to know everything about the history of Rome and he explained this so clearly that on occasions we felt like we were actually there with the ancient Romans. We also went with Dario to Tesatccio market and we experienced amazing street food. This was absolute different from the Colosseum tour but yet another highlights of our holiday.

    • "Food tour in Rome"
    Reviews by Joan, Seattle, Washington on May 13, 2018

    Our favourite tour was by far the one in Testaccio. We have been in one part of the city we may not have seen on our own. The food was incredibly tasty. Dario was very professional and knowledgeable but, best of all, he was fun to be with.

    • "Very happy with this tour"
    Reviews by Asaf and Tanya, Madrid on Apr 27, 2018

    My wife and I are extremely happy to have done this tour. It is the first time we hire a guide on any of our trips. Out of all tours being offered on Tripadvisor, something stood out about Dario and i wasn't wrong. We got exactly what we were hoping for: a connection to fantastic, authentic local producers who have a story to tell. And we also got to see a quieter more relaxed part of Rome which afetr a day in the center I think you will find refreshing. They were honestly the best meals we had in town. Dario is a great guy, very easy to connect with and he enjoys what he does and it shows. Highly recommend this

    • "Best choice for a guide in Rome"
    Reviews by Louise, Canada on Apr 19, 2018

    We booked the Colosseum tour with Dario and it was excellent. We were looking for a small group tour as we think it is the best way to explore places when we travel: Dario offered exactely the experience we were looking for! There were 5 of us in the group and we spent more than 3 hours exploring the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, having time to break and take pictures. I would highly recommend this tour with Dario as you can ask him everything you want to know about history, the city and the locals, as well as great places where to enjoy the food!

    • "Impressive"
    Reviews by Helen, Frisco, Texas on Mar 30, 2018

    It was our first time in Rome and we took a private tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum with Dario: we definetely wouldn't have had the same experience without him! He was very kind and spoke very good english. It is clear he has a passion for the places we visited and knew a lot about the history and architecture. Dario used a virtual reality device to let us see what it would have looked like during the actual time period. It was really incredible and i highly recommend him and this tour.

    • "A great introduction to the city"
    Reviews by Kelly Dunne, Arlington USA on Mar 30, 2018

    We did the Best of Rome tour and it was excellent. It was an easy and pleasant walk through the hot spots of the historical center. We sampled roman pastries, learned much about Rome's history. Dario was warm and welcoming: he showed us the must see places like Trevi Fountain, Campo dei Fiori, Pantheon and the Spanish Steps. I can't recommend this experience more!

    • "Best of Rome"
    Reviews by Brendan, Dublin, Ireland on Mar 27, 2018

    Dario is a fantastic guide, my family and i really enjoyed the afternoon spent with him. Dario has a great passion and knowledge: he shows you the areas of Rome that are a must see for anyone visiting the city. Be sure he is your guide if you want a high quality tour at a reasonable price.

    • "Dario is the man"
    Reviews by Scott, Nottingham UK on Mar 14, 2018

    Dario tells you things you never would have known going on a standard tour. The history, rise and collapse of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance. It was interactive and fun and we even went for a coffee with dario afterwards. I would use Dario again when we visit Roma next time.

    • "Fantastic!"
    Reviews by Kevin, Orlando USA on Mar 13, 2018

    Dario was a fantastic guide with tons of knowledge and enthusiasm. We spent 2 days touring with him and he absolutely made the trip spectacular. A great guide can make all the difference, and it did. Thanks for everything!

    • "Great Guide"
    Reviews by Alan, Forth Collins, Colorado on Feb 12, 2018

    Dario was very knowledgeable, very enthusiatic: he made every stop come to life with his narrative and attention to detail. With young children he guided us to the best things to see. Truly a great experience.

    • "Fantastic Colosseum Tour"
    Reviews by Christian, Raleigh, North Carolina on Jan 4, 2018

    Dario made the History come alive rather than just a boring tour through the past! He is very funny and knowledgeable and was able to give us a big picture of the Ancient Rome as well as minute details of the ruins and other places we visited. At the end of the tour he recommended us a list of places for dinner that were absolutely delicious. We simply loved everything from this tour and Dario's passion.

    • "Happy mom and kids!"
    Reviews by Federica, Florence, Italy on Dec 13, 2017

    Dario is amazing! He kept my family completely engaged during our 3 hour tour. With his words the Ancient Rome came back to life: he also uses virtual-reality devices that transport you back in time. Thank you Dario for an incredible afternoon!

    • "Dario - Simply outstanding tour and guide!!"
    Reviews by Dan f. from Vich, Switzerland on Oct 30, 2017

    Rome was filled with many fond memories for our entire family and Dario's tour of Vatican City is one we will cherish for years. He is deeply knowledgeable and made the tour fun and interactive also for our children. A special thank you Dario! We will be recommending you to all our friends for sure!

    • "A stellar tour and guide!"
    Reviews by Dan f. from Vich, Switzerland on Oct 30, 2017

    Dario was sensational as our tour guide around the Colosseum and Roman Forum. His depth of knowledge of Ancient Rome and the Romans was very impressive and evident. A huge thank you!

    • "Great Vatican Tour"
    Reviews by Elanor, New York, Usa on Oct 20, 2017

    Dario is a great guide and a fantastic person. His knowledge of the art history was perfect inside the Vatican and without him we would have missed too much. Also, i emailed him months ahead and he was super helpful in planning my trip to Italy.

    • "Colosseum is more fun with Dario"
    Reviews by Tiffany W. from Santa Clara, United States on Oct 20, 2017

    Admittedly, touring the Colosseum could be seen as a bit dull. However, Dario made it exciting. With his background in art and art history, and his keenness for good storytelling, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    • "Great Guide!"
    Reviews by Joe, Manchester, UK on Oct 13, 2017

    Small friendly groups and fantastic experience from start to finish. If you want a tour that is the highlight of your trip, Dario is the number one.

    • "Great experience"
    Reviews by Eric, on Sep 27, 2017

    Me and my friend visited Rome in August 2017. We had Dario as our guide and we were very lucky as that day there were no other people in the group: 3 hours in the Colosseum and Roman Forum having a passionate and friendly tour guide not to share with anybody else. We were sad we couldn't book another tour with him as we were short on time but if you have only 1 day to visit Rome, a tour with Dario is absolutely recommended! Thank you

    • "2 wonderful tours"
    Reviews by Helen, Denver Colorado on Sep 23, 2017

    We had 2 different tours with Dario and both were excellent! We started with a night tour in Trastevere were Dario gave us a great introduction to the city and useful recommendations for restaurants. Few days after we did the Colosseum and Roman Forum tour which was also very funny and interesting and we learned lots of history and art. Dario is capable to pass big lines with his group and everything was easy. We really enjoyed the time spent together and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to our friends.

    • "Excellent Tours"
    Reviews by Selena, Massachusetts, USA on Sep 7, 2017

    Dario gave me and my family a wonderful tour! I was a little worried before that my 10-year-old might be bored, but Dario was very engaging: he often walked next my son and told him stories while we walked. I was impressed that he took the time to make sure every person on the tour was fully engaged. I can't imagine a better way to tour the Vatican

    • "Terrific Tour"
    Reviews by Michael Culotta, Maryland, USA on Aug 29, 2017

    Dario was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. He did a grat job putting objects and architecture into context. An excellent tour under every aspect.

    • "Fantastic Tour!"
    Reviews by Brittany Philip, Chicago, US on May 15, 2017

    One of the best tours of our trip! We got to see all of the important sights in the centre of the city. Starting at campo dei fiori, seeing navona square, the pantheon, the trevi fountain and ending at the beautiful spanish steps. Between sights we stopped to have a gelato recommended by dario at a place called giolitti. Seriously one of the best ice creams i've ever had. Dario answered every question we had and was so passionate about the sights we saw that we couldnt help but also fall in love with rome. I would really recommend this tour for someone wanting to see the best of rome with the best guide available.

    • "The best of rome"
    Reviews by Stella Kendrick, AUS on May 11, 2017

    The fact that Dario is a historian just made it easier for him to bring everything to life. Starting at campo dei fiori was wonderful and then being able to see all the lovely small streets with such a passionate guide only made it more enjoyable. Getting the chance to have Navona square explained to me and then getting in depth information at the spanish steps gave me an idea of the city's colorful and impressive history. Dario's recommendation of where to have a gelato was absolutely on point. I couldn't be happier with the tour and with the tour guide himself. A must do!

    • "Amazing Tour!"
    Reviews by Alex Kerr, NJ, US on May 11, 2017

    Dario gave us one of the best tours we have ever had. He was down to earth, informative and most importantly; interesting! With his wonderful tour he was able to make the Vatican Museum and Saint Peter's Basilica stand out. He provided an all inclusive historical background, interesting quotes and an ideal speed for us to keep up. I would most certainly recommend Dario and Mind The Guide for tours around Roman attractions as they provide something that would be unattainable alone.

    • "We loved this tour"
    Reviews by Annika, wales UK on May 8, 2017

    For my trip to Rome I was most looking forward to seeing the Colosseum. A huge thank you to Dario and the mind the guide team for such an interesting and informative tour. With the tour we were able to skip the lines and the historical knowledge that Dario provided gave us a great insight about the things we saw. Me and my partner also loved seeing the roman forum with such wonderfully engaged and likable guides. I couldn't recommend it enough!

    • "Great tour in Colosseum"
    Reviews by Nadia, Houston US on May 8, 2017

    Dario Andreucci gave us a tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and it was our favorite of the whole trip! His perfect combination of being engaging and knowledgable was ideal for such a busy place. Seeing the underground and upper parts of the colosseum allowed us to escape the business and gave us great views of the whole place. Definitely recommended!

    • "Excellent guide!"
    Reviews by Stephanie T. from Ottawa, Canada on Mar 23, 2017

    Dario was an excellent guide. He was very knowledgeable. We had four teenagers with us and he made sure they were included in the tour and made it fun and interesting for them. He made the Colosseum come to life - we could really understand how it would have been / operated back them. I would definitely recommend him!!!

    • "More than we expected."
    Reviews by Mary Adare, Irerland on Mar 22, 2017

    A very interesting tour, factual and engaging. Dario drew the group in to the history of the Colosseum. Particularly during the underground tour he helped to recreate the atmosphere of the time and the duties of the slaves by assigning roles to group members as he told the story. He is an excellent role model for how to guide a tour. This was engaging while adding a bit of experiential insight. He went out of his way to be inclusive to all members of the group and answered all questions. We would thoroughly recommend this tour if you want to gain a better knowledge of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome.

    • "Our best night in Rome!"
    Reviews by Jane, Oakland, US on Mar 19, 2017

    Dario was very knowledgeable and enjoyable to listen to as he was very enthusiastic about the subjects during our walk. He was able to tell us everything about the art and the history of the places we visited: we loved Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and Trastevere! Thanks Dario! Also for the restaurant suggestion!

    • "Awsome tour guide"
    Reviews by Rick, Seattle US on Mar 19, 2017

    Had a fantastic tour with Dario as our guide for the Colosseum underground, we also visited the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. He did an amazing job explaining everything and kept us very entertained through the whole tour. We would recommend Dario to anyone looking for a great tour of the Colosseum.

    • "Knowledgeable & extremely friendly guide"
    Reviews by Raphc, London UK on Mar 15, 2017

    We had the most interesting & unconventional tour with Dario as we walked the streets of incredible Rome. I can't say enough about him & highly recommend Dario if you're looking for a responsive, knowledgeable & funny guide. Book him, you won't regret it!

    • "Amazing experience in Rome"
    Reviews by Bree D. from London, United Kingdom on Feb 8, 2017

    I had the pleasure of touring the Vatican with the best tour guide I have ever had. Dario was so personable from the start and his passion for Roman History was evident from the start. He paced the tour well and his knowledge was immense. I would highly recommend going on one of his tours. He was also so helpful giving excellent food recommendations! Please book one of his tours! :)

    • "Favorite guide for Rome!"
    Reviews by Donald, Fort Collins, USA on Dec 27, 2016

    Today we had the best tour ever of Rome! Dario was a wealth of information and his commentary and ability to answer questions made me feel as if I was a part of the action thousands of years ago. With this tour you can see some areas of the Coloseum that are usually closed to general tours. You will not be disappointed with a booking through Mind the Guide.

    • "Breathtaking view of the Colosseum"
    Reviews by Fidi H. from Singapore, Singapore on Dec 24, 2016

    I came across MTG whilst doing my research online for day tours in Rome. Dario responded to my inquiry promptly and was the most patient who took the time to answer my questions fully. I booked two guided tours for myself and my 9 year old son. The packages are reasonably priced and there's a discounted price for children (which I think will be appealing for families travelling with their young ones). We were the only two who signed up for the guided tour on that day but Dario was still enthusiastic (despite just having us two) and led us into the Colosseum. The view was magnificent! The tour was engaging. Dario gave us a tour of a lifetime and believe me I don't know how he does it, but through his voice and storytelling style he brought the Colosseum back to life! That requires some serious skills which Dario has mastered. I appreciated Dario allowing me to absorb the breathtaking view while he took the opportunity to engage my son in stories about gladiators, wild animal hunts, etc. In other words, he did not hurry us along but allowed us to take in the magic of the Colosseum & the Roman Forum while still provided us a seamless delivery of history during these tours. I read somewhere that tour guides are key front line players in the tourism industry and if any awards are given out to these players, Dario definitely deserve one of them! Keep the magic alive Dario. Well done!

    • "Excellent Tour"
    Reviews by Fidi H. from Singapore, Singapore on Dec 24, 2016

    The guided tour of the Vatican Museum & Saint Peter's Basilica was not only informative but also enlightening. Dario was capable of sharing these insightful details of the museum with ease. The 3 hours went by swiftly but I stepped out of the city with more knowledge on these sights thanks to Dario. Definitely would recommend this tour!

    • "Roman walks!"
    Reviews by Patty, Florida on Dec 20, 2016

    Fantastic walking tour with Dario, highly recommend! We spent 2 days with Dario and wished we had a whole week with him in Rome. His sense of humour and knowledge impressed us. Book early and avoid other guide companies that don't give the detail or get you to the locations MindtheGuide does. Thank you, Pat and Ralph

    • "Stunning Places"
    Reviews by Tony, Sidney on Dec 13, 2016

    Dario was outstanding! He took to places in Rome that were simply stunning. Thoroughly recommend and i have already done so to our friends.

    • "excellent informative tour "
    Reviews by roger w. from burnley, united kingdom on Nov 7, 2016

    Dario is an Art History graduate I think and it showed in his depth of knowledge and interest in the Vatican and its museums. there is so much here to see he can only do the highlights of the many museums but he really brought it to life. even our 12 year old son was kept interested for the 3 hours. it was a great way to get a feel for the museum , Sistine chapel and st peters , would definitely recommend it . we also did the coliseum tour with Dario that week and that was as equally good

    • "a brilliant tour with a first class guide "
    Reviews by roger w. from burnley, united kingdom on Nov 7, 2016

    Dario made the whole tour a delight , his knowledge and presentation were very good , the use of earpieces in a crowded coliseum is a great idea which my 12 year old loved. Dario was especially good with the children , never dumming down for them but making his explanations understandable. the access to the floor underground and 3rd tier of the Coliseum make it very worth doing as this gives you a real appreciation of all aspects of the attraction

    • "Perfect tour"
    Reviews by Ellen, Illinois on Oct 29, 2016

    Dario led us through the complicated and bustling Vatican museum with expertise and finesse. His vast knowledge of art history allowed us to fully appreciate the antiquities. He understood the art, the artist, and Dario was able to relay information that we could never have obtained on our own. In a word, he was FANTASTIC! I would not do the Vatican without him. Thank you!

    • "Enthusiasm and passion!"
    Reviews by Stefanie, San Diego, CA on Oct 9, 2016

    My husband and I had an excellent experience with Dario. He is clearly passionate about the history of Rome and knows his facts. He had so much to share and his enthusiasm regarding the subject made it so much more enjoyable. Also, the group is smaller (10 people) which allows for more personalized attention to details. One of the best things we did in Europe!

    • "excellent tour, very worthwhile"
    Reviews by Marcus c. from Kirton lindsey , England on Sep 19, 2016

    Dario made the tour not only very informative but also very enjoyable and allowed us to relax and enjoy the experience.

    • "Lovely guide"
    Reviews by Rebecca, UK on Aug 29, 2016

    Very informative, very enthusiastic and really knew his stuff. He answered all our questions, It was also nice to go on to the top tier of the colosseum and under ground, where other people don't get to go! Higly recommended!

    • "Brilliant Day in Rome"
    Reviews by Ian T. from Chorley, UK on Aug 21, 2016

    Dear Dario, We just want to thank you once again for providing us with an excellent tour of the coliseum, palatine hill and roman forum. We had an excellent day in your company, learned much and visited places that we did not know existed. We will be recommending you to all our friends who visit Rome and we will have no hesitation in contacting you when we next visit. Thank you for your friendliness. Kind regards Ian & Sharon

    • "Best Tour Guide In Rome!"
    Reviews by Jennifer L. from Las Vegas, United States on Aug 18, 2016

    Dario is so knowledgable in Italian History! His presentation and delivery is fun and enjoyable. We found Dario from a colleague and couldn't be more grateful! We had a total of three tours with Dario and they were all fabulous. Highly Recommended!!! Thank you! Jennifer and Brian from Las Vegas

    • "Tour of the Colosseumm, Palatine and Roman Forum"
    Reviews by Leahanaa, Cleveland, Ohio on Aug 16, 2016

    On our trip to Rome we had the pleasure of booking a MindtheGuide tour, and having Dario as our tour guide, for the Colosseum and the Ancient Rome. This tour also offered to go to the Colosseum underground and Third Tier, which most tours do no offer. Dario was beyond excellent. He was there early, and was very easy to find. There was no confusion as to where to meet for the tour because our voucher stated the exact location, and he had a "MindtheGuide" sign. Headsets were provided during the tour, which allowed the tour group to hear Dario give his detailed story of Rome. It is very obvious when someone makes a career out of what he truly enjoy, and you can tell Dario does from the passion of which he speaks about the City he was born. I knew little about the history of Rome and its true impact in the world before said tour, but during I was captivated by the detail and context he seemed to put into every word.During the tour of the Colosseum, we were able to explore the underground as well as the highest point of the structure, which are not accessed by General Admission tickets.The tour lasted about 4 hours during a hot Roman summer day, however, Dario was courteous enough to make sure we had enough shade, water and rest to easily complete the tour. Dario was also extremely helpful beyond the scope of the tour. He gave us advise and tips on where else we can go in Rome to eat, sight-see and gift shop. He even took it upon himself to call several locations for us to check their closing times. For anyone in search of an experience that takes you back into the history of Rome, not just a tour, please make sure you book with Dario. I would be hard pressed to find anyone else who can offer such an amazing tour.

    • "History brought to life!"
    Reviews by Freddy J. from San Bruno, United States on Jun 26, 2016

    We did the Rome walking tour with Dario. Dario's charisma and knowledge come together to weave the history of the Rome and bring history to life. Standing amongst the ruins and walking the streets of Rome Dario carefully told the story how Rome became what it is today. He is funny, approachable, and knows a lot! On such a hot day he was able to accommodate stops for a quick bite to eat, water, and stops to use the toilet. He was an amazing guide, the three hours finished so quickly! My wife and I were throughly impressed and wish we could have done other tours with him.

    • "FABULOUS tour guide AND tour"
    Reviews by Robert M. from Columbia, USA on Jun 25, 2016

    Dario Andreucci was , may be the most knowledgeable and interesting guide I"ve ever used. He was generous with his time and gracious throughout the fascinating tour of Ostia Antica. He AND this tour are a "must" for everyone. You'll love it!

    • "An awesome tour"
    Reviews by Kevin F. from Tustin, USA on Jun 22, 2016

    Dario was VERY knowledgeable about the Colosseum, as well as about the Roman Forum. My wife is someone who likes to ask lots of questions, and he was happy to answer all of them. We would definitely recommend this tour with Dario. It is definitely worth the money! Also, in case you are wondering, his English is excellent!

    • "The best tour guide for Rome"
    Reviews by Smita S. from New Canaan, United States on Jun 22, 2016

    Dario A is very well informed abot Roman history and culture, and teaches it superbly to his tour participants. My 11 year old son learnt so much from him, and we will be forever grateful for the knowledge and experiences that he shared with us.

    • "Our guide was Dario"
    Reviews by Kevin W. from Los Angeles, United States on Jun 21, 2016

    Dario was great. Skipping the lines was great. Tons of great information and sights.

    • "Wonderful experience, Dario was the best!"
    Reviews by Constance C. from Daly City, USA on Jun 19, 2016

    We had a great experience touring the Colosseum with Dario as our Guide, he was super informative, educated, personable and passionate about guiding us thru the visit to the Colosseum. we would highly recommend using Dario for his tours! A+ guide!

    • "Vatican Tour - Worth Every Penny!"
    Reviews by Olena M. from Los Angeles, USA on Jun 14, 2016

    This was my first time visiting Rome and I wanted to learn as much as possible about the history of this beautiful city. Dario was beyond knowledgeable and the amount of detail in his explanations of each piece that we saw at the Vatican City was amazing! He went out of his way to show us the most famous works and I couldn't be happier that I chose him as a guide. Not to mention that he went beyond our tour time and was very helpful at the end when we had questions. Highly recommended! Book him for any tour in Rome. You won't be disappointed!!!

    • "Vatican tour"
    Reviews by Cathy R. from Lilli Pilli, Australia on Jun 14, 2016

    Our tour of the Vatican was truely amazing. Dario was great and so informative. We were so lucky to be the only ones on the tour. Dario made our experience extra discuss more like a friend than a tour guide. Thank you so much. If you are in Rome be sure to book a tour with Dario

    • "Dario was expert and helpful!"
    Reviews by Cathy L. from Windsor, Canada on Jun 5, 2016

    My Mom and I booked a private walking tour with Dario Friday June 3 and the Vatican Museum Tour on Sat Jun 4, 2016. In both-- we were expertly looked after! Dario customized our pace and focus to the needs of our group -- elderly Mom, 2 sisters in their 40s and a 8-yr-old boy. Since my Mom (age 79) had some walking difficulties, we adjusted what we saw, with good breaks for gelato and coffee. Dario was professional, pleasant and well-informed about the sights in Rome. Also, his help in getting tickets in advance meant we avoided long lines and saved A LOT of time! Especially for my Mom Shirley (age 79) and Balti age 8, making things efficient was very important! Dario was also smart in the sequence of museum spots to ensure the best experience on a busy weekend. We liked Dario and greatly appreciated his good strategies and Art History background. We highly recommend him to you!

    • "Vatican Tour Reiew"
    Reviews by iain V. from Darlington, England on Jun 3, 2016

    Recently (30th May 2016) we had the pleasure of a tour of the Vatican with Dario Andreucci. I can honestly say it is the best tour we have been on. Dario was informative, interesting and knowledgable even my 16 year old son found the tour really interesting and his attention was maintained throught the tour. We learnt so much about the history of the vatican and its artifacts along with being able to view the art work with a greater amount of knowledge and understanding. I would recommend Dario 100%, if we could have booked him for our whole visit to Rome we would have.

    • "Dario is the best ever!"
    Reviews by Robert R. from Spring Grove, United States on May 21, 2016

    If you are looking for a tour of the Vatican Museum and Saint Peter's Basilica, you can't do any better than having Dario Andreucci as a tour guide. He speaks very good English and knows so much about art history, the Vatican Museum and Saint Peter's Basilica. There was so much to see! Thankfully, Dario gave us time to sit and relax while he showed us pictures on his laptop and explained what we would be seeing inside the Sistine Chapel. That way we could observe silence while viewing the beautiful room. He was very patient and took the time to answer all our questions. Our daughter booked the tour for us, because she said that Dario looked nice...he really was, but we got so much more out of our day!

    • "Opened my eyes to details you would miss"
    Reviews by Carol W. from Mooresville, USA on May 19, 2016

    Dario has wide knowledge of the art, and history, a caring and joyous personality and knows the back doors to get you around the Vatican despite the crowds. Worth twice the price.

    • "Amazing tour!"
    Reviews by Nick C. from Courtice, Canada on May 18, 2016

    My girlfriend and I were running late due to incorrect information Given to us by our hotel about the bus schedule. Dario contacted us to make sure we were still coming and insisted that he wait for us, even though he's technically not supposed too. He gave an exceptional tour. Very informative, knowledgable kind and funny. I definitely recommend this tour with Dario!

    • "Great Afternoon"
    Reviews by Ian A. Brisbane, Australia on May 8, 2016

    Dario led our group of 7 & we are so glad we took his tour. It was quite crowded but he knew exactly where to go. He also showed a great passion for the subject. Excellent way to do the Vatican. Alcorn family.

    • "Fantastic morning"
    Reviews by Ian A. from Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, Australia on May 8, 2016

    Again Dario showed his passion & his extensive knowledge of ancient Rome. He took us to areas of the Colosseum that few tours did. Very, very interesting. The tour took about 4 hrs but Darioio knows how to pace the time, when to have a break & generally look after the group. The use of headphones also are a great advantage especially in the large crowds. Highly recommended & worthevery euro.

    • "underground Colosseum tour"
    Reviews by Karen G. from Arvada , USA on Apr 29, 2016

    Dario was a great guide and explained everything clearly. Having head sets provided was a great help in hearing what he had to say. He was very knowledgeable about the history of Rome and was receptive to any questions we had and knew the answers. I would highly recommend his tour and Dario as the guide.

    Reviews by Sarah G. from Kent, England on Apr 26, 2016

    I did my research like most people and came across 'mindtheguide' and read the personal reviews from other people. Following their positive reviews I booked the Vatican Museum and Saint Peter's Basilica tour with Dario. My friends, family and I were not disappointed!!! There were five of us in our group which meant it was just us on the tour which was fantastic. Our first encounter with Dario was us running late, however Dario was there waiting for us with a welcoming smile! We had a wonderful time exploring, and thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Dario was very friendly, knowledgeable and patient with us. He also had a great sense of humour. The tour lasted about 4 hours and we were transported back in time. We were slightly disappointed when the tour had come to an end! I would highly recommend this personal tour, you will not get another like it. From the day of booking Dario replied instantly to any questions I had. The ticket allowed us to skip the long line and we got a detailed, passionate, knowledgeable tour with the use of visual resources using an iPad (which was good!). I would definitely recommend using Mind The Guide and Dario. We had an amazing time (we even booked a 2nd tour to see the Colosseum) and both tours made our trip to Rome that extra bit special. Thank you! From Sarah, Katie, Amy, Mary and Peggy! :)

    • "Totally worth it"
    Reviews by Rodrigo T. from Viña del Mar, Chile on Apr 22, 2016

    Access places that other turist can't. Dario is great with groups and really cares about the visitor having a great experience.

    • "Wonderful Tour"
    Reviews by Alistar S. from Christchurch, Uk on Apr 20, 2016

    We booked the tour with Dario at the last minute and were so glad we did. The best guide we have had anywhere, friendly, hugely knowledgeable and endlessly enthusiastic. Clearly passionate about history Dario wants you to leave knowing as much as possible, he puts what you see in context, doesn't rush and explains everything you ask. Thoroughly recommended.

    • "Colosseum Underground Tours"
    Reviews by Anthony E. from Rochester , England on Apr 19, 2016

    What a brilliant tour guide. We both had a very enjoyable experience last week, listening to Dario and showing us the important things which we would have missed if we didn't book! Me and my partner had a great afternoon in the sunshine seeing the amazing Colosseum and getting a chance to see other areas which are not open to the public. The other places we visited which were the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Great guide, very clear to understand and gave us time to take all the information in and to look around. Very pleased overall with the service, very easy to book and to meet up. Would definitely recommend anyone that's wants a guided tour of this great place, than please book with this guy. Very well knowledgeable, funny and friendly. thanks again, all the best Caroline & Tony x x

    • "Ancient Ostia"
    Reviews by Jill, Cape Town SA on Apr 18, 2016

    We've spent a great day in ancient Ostia with Dario. We discovered and learned so much: it was definetely the highlight of our trip. The hours just flew by and the trip has been not less than five hours! I am grateful to my friend who recommended to see Ostia when in Rome! And I am grateful to Dario who guided us on a splendid and detailed tour. I would definetely do it again!

    • "Colosseum Underground Tours - Dario Andreucci"
    Reviews by Michael D. from Reading, USA on Apr 17, 2016

    Fantastic tour that thoroughly covers the Colosseum and its surrounding areas. Could not have asked for a better guide than Dario. He's very knowledgeable, personable, and funny. I was concerned that my 14 & 12 year-old children would get bored on a tour of this length, but Dario went out of his way to keep them involved and engaged. My entire family really enjoyed the tour. It was a great way to start our visit to Rome. I highly recommend both the tour and Dario as a guide.

    • "When in Rome...go with Dario! "
    Reviews by William M. from Blunsdon, UK on Apr 8, 2016

    Enthralling very full half-day tour of the Colosseum and Palatine Hill, expertly conducted by the frighteningly knowledgeable Dario, who by turns informed and entertained us; if there's a stone in the area he doesn't know the history of, it's well hidden. Great tour; not cheap, but then quality rarely is.

    • "Colosseum Tour with Dario!"
    Reviews by Billy P. from Rainham, United Kingdom on Apr 6, 2016

    Fabulous tour with Dario! Would highly recommend :)

    • "Want to do it again! That good!"
    Reviews by Sylvia V. from Landstuhl, Germany on Apr 1, 2016

    My husband and I had such a fantastic tour with Dario! I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first time using mindtheguide.com, but I will definitely be looking at them for future tours. First, I appreciated the earpieces we used to hear Dario without him having to shout or stand right next to him to hear. Dario's knowledge of the colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum really made the experience special. Of course, it didn't hurt to have private access to parts of the colosseum others were not allowed to go. Finally, Dario's sense of humor just topped of a wonderful experience. We would definitely book another tour with Dario again!

    • "Interesting, informative, intimate, relaxed, "
    Reviews by Steven H. from Kobenhavn S, Denmark on Mar 26, 2016

    Dario's tour was definitely more than worth it! I wasn't sure what to expect, and was very pleased with the experience. Dario is welcoming, engaging, and knowledgable. Seeing the Colosseum from three different vantage points (the floor, underground and the top) was an unforgettable experience. We went where a regular admission ticket can't go, plus skipped the lines! Then we went to Palatine Hill where we learned more about the history of Rome and the origins of the Forum. If you're not sure, take my word for it...this tour is worth it! Thanks, Dario, for a great tour! Steve

    • "Awesome tour! Highly recommended!"
    Reviews by wen w. from London, United Kingdom on Mar 23, 2016

    Had a fantastic tour in the Vatican City! The guide, Dario, is super knowledgeable of art and art history. From Roman to Renaissance, from Raphael to Michelangelo, from paintings to sculptures, he knows them by heart! Genuine passion for the art and architecture in Rome! Really impressed! Highly recommended! Plus you get to skip the queue at the entrance, which is literally hundreds of metres long!

    • "Absolutely amazing experience! Highly recommended!"
    Reviews by wen w. from London, United Kingdom on Mar 20, 2016

    Private access to the underground, and all levels of the Colosseum! Plus super good tour in Roman Forum, got the best view of everything! The guide (Dario) is very knowledgeable, explained well throughout the tour and is very patient (we had 4 kids and 1 baby in the group! Yet everyone had really good experience!) we are going for a Vatican tour with him as well! Should definitely join the tour if you are looking for the best experience for the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum! 100% worth the money!

    • "Excellent Tour"
    Reviews by Jonathan D. from Ranelagh, Ireland on Mar 20, 2016

    Overall very happy with the tour and the guide. Alot of information provided throughout, as well as plenty of time given for photos and time to take in all the great sights

    • "Great day, great tour guide "
    Reviews by David R. from Bexley, England on Feb 20, 2016

    Had a really good day at the coliseum with Dario as our tour guide. His knowledge is second to none and managed to keep the tour interesting for the whole duration (3.5 hours!). I would highly recommend a tour with Dario to anyone visiting Rome.

    • "AMAZING!"
    Reviews by Sue P. from Ash, United Kingdom on Feb 17, 2016

    Dario showed us round the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and the Forum on Sat 13 Feb 2016. Wow! You definitely don't want to miss this one . The tour lasts about 4 hours and you are transported on a story through classical Rome. Dario's knowledge was just superb and gave the ruins in the Palatine Hill and Forum context and meaning. You simply can't get that from a few paragraphs in a guide book. Doing the underground tour of the Colosseum means that you get to go on to the floor of the Colosseum itself as well as into the passages where the animals and slaves were held. You get a much better sense of what it must have been like to take part in the 'games'. In addition you get to go right to the top level and imagine what it must have been like to be a spectator. We had about 10/12 in our group so we didn't feel like we were in a 'herd'. Dario's English was terrific and he could answer every question thrown at him. He was engaging and entertaining. You don't have to queue (and the lines are VERY long even in Feb). We were the envy of many other groups/individuals who had waited for hours with the masses or entered using the Roma pass . This is a MUST do. I enjoyed it so much I was rather disappointed to be going to the rugby on the 14 Feb instead of another tour with Mind the guide! Book this now!!

    • "Fabulous Tour!"
    Reviews by Sue P. from Ash, United Kingdom on Feb 17, 2016

    We visited the Vatican on Monday 15 Feb 2016 with Dario . What an amazing afternoon we had. Dario's knowledge of art history was superb and made appreciation of the wonderful paintings and sculptures in the Vatican museum so much easier. I had visited the Vatican many years ago as a student and whilst I could marvel at the sights, I didn't really know what I was looking at. Having Dario as a guide solved that problem completely. He was so passionate about his city, country and culture it was a real privilege to spend time with him. We were a small group of 4 and were so well looked after. I felt like I was on a private tour. No question was too silly or too difficult. His English was fantastic (put my 'pigeon' Italian completely to shame!). I think the fact that several other guides came up to us and told us we were with the best spoke volumes. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of using this service. You completely skip all lines (and they are VERY long , even in Feb). It is definitely worth every single penny and now I know about Mind the Guide I wouldn't consider using anyone else. Book with these guys and you won't be disappointed at all. Thank you Dario and Mind the Guide. I won't leave it another 28 years to return to Rome. Sue Press , Somerset , England xx

    • "Worth every penny! Book now!"
    Reviews by Joanne P. from Hampton Vale, Peterborough, UK on Feb 16, 2016

    The tour was everything and then some. Dario was just 5 star in every way. At no point did you want to sit down...you just wanted to know more and more. I would suggest if you book one tour in Rome...do this one!

    • "Would recommend this tour with Dario to everyone!!"
    Reviews by Ilona v. from Wijchen, Netherlands on Feb 12, 2016

    Again a great day with Dario! We had booked two tours with Dario, the first to the Vatican and the second day this tour. We started in the Colloseum and Dario arranged that we could also do a tour in the undergrounds of the Colloseum. This was done by a tourgouide from the Colloseum itself, but Dario went with us and told us even more and extra info. Next we went to the Palatine and the Forum Romanum. Again dario told us all about the history of his city and these specific places. He did this with great passion and he also was an easy person to talk to. In the meanwhile Dario dicovered my love for food and kept giving us tips about great places to eat. Loved this!! All and all a great day in which Dario made us feel like a friend he was showing his hometown.

    • "Would recommend this tour with Dario to everyone!!"
    Reviews by Ilona v. from Wijchen, Netherlands on Feb 12, 2016

    We've had a great day with Dario! We started in the museum and Dario told us all about the statues, paintings and history of Rome and the Vatican. It was obvious that Dario had a background in art history, as his stories were full of information and he told his stories with passion. Due to unforseen circumstances we weren't able to enter Saint Peter's Basilica. Instead Dario took us to Trastavere and gave us a little tour there. Told us which were good restaurants (were the locals eat), good bars and where they sold local delicatesses. Apparently he picked up my love for food :) All and all a great day in which Dario made us feel like a friend he was showing his hometown.

    • "Great Tour and Experience"
    Reviews by Verena M. from Biberbach, Austria on Feb 8, 2016

    Many thanks again for the great day. The tour was perfect. We highly appreciated that you just guided us two. We can highly recommend going on a tour with you!!

    • "Highlight of our trip!"
    Reviews by Jonathan E. from San Diego , USA on Jan 14, 2016

    Dario is the best! My wife and I spent 16 days in Europe and our time in Rome was our favorite in large part due to Dario. He was so insightful on everything that Rome has to offer (dinners, sites, neighborhoods), and of course all the sites you see on the tour. He clearly wants you to enjoy his home town as much as possible and takes every effort to make sure this is the case. If you go to Rome and want to see anything I would book Dario for a tour. You will not regret it!

    • "Second Tour of Ancient Rome"
    Reviews by Gabriel C. from Singapore, Singapore on Jan 8, 2016

    Dario is an excellent tour guide. He engaged his participants fully by talking to them individually. Dario is very knowledgeable. You know you cannot go wrong when you are taking a tour of Rome with a native ! I particularly enjoyed listening to him tell us about the history of the different parts of the Colosseum. He is very enthusiastic about his job which makes the tours so enjoyable. An excellent tour and value for money!

    • "Beyond what we expected!"
    Reviews by Kirsten M. from Cupar, United Kingdom on Jan 8, 2016

    This tour was incredible, Dario was so informative about everything we saw and we had such a great time learning about everything. He even wrote us a list of other places to see and places to go for food in the rest of our time, and they were also really incredible! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to book a tour of the Colosseum, it is great value for money and if we ever visit Rome again we will definitely do the other tours available on the website! Thanks again :)

    • "Book with Dario!"
    Reviews by Michelle K. from Manhattan Beach, USA on Jan 5, 2016

    A must do in Rome! Dario was awesome-informative, friendly, and funny!

    • "A must do if you're visiting Rome."
    Reviews by Danielle P. from London, England on Nov 24, 2015

    Dario was an amazing guide. Not only was his historic knowledge outstanding but his friendly nature made this tour an absolute pleasure. The underground tour was like sneaking a peak into how the Gladiators lived and was an experience I won't forget. Cannot recommened enough.

    • "Fantastic tours"
    Reviews by Kelly B. from Whangarei, New Zealand on Nov 11, 2015

    We did the Colosseo and Vatican tour with dairo and we really enjoyed them both. There was lots of information on both tours and both were amazing to see

    • "Great Tour"
    Reviews by Glenn O. from Gemantown, USA on Nov 5, 2015

    Dario was excellent. Very knowledgeable, interactive, and friendly. I strongly recommend taking this tour

    • "Colosseum tour"
    Reviews by lee h. from enfield, United Kingdom on Oct 31, 2015

    Had a fantastic time on my tour. Dario was incredible and brought the colosseum and the rest of Ancient Rome to life. Thank you.

    • "The 'must do' tour of Rome with a top class guide"
    Reviews by Brendan M. from Edenderry, Ireland on Oct 28, 2015

    I cannot recommend this tour enough.The night tour was the best tour we did in Rome, you really get a true sense of what Rome is all about with the tour.. You visit a few of the main tourist spots but it's the in-between information and places that is the tour's true charm. Dario was as good as a guide can be. Informative, helpful and thorough in his tour and what he wants you to see. You will see parts of Rome not giving in the normal tour books which should be in them in my opinion after getting the insight from Dario. After doing some tours with similar operators I will now look to do any tours with MindtheGuide. It was a Professionally ran and Dario has great passion and knowledge in what he does. He also shows you all the good places to eat in each area you visit. It truly is an unmissable tour if you want to get the true sense of the city .

    • "Best Guide We've Had!"
    Reviews by Darron B. from Shawville, Canada on Oct 18, 2015

    Great tour of colosseum, palatine and forum. Small group, super knowledgeable and friendly. Any tour we book from now on will be with mindtheguide.com. Awesome! Thanks Dario.

    • "Best guide ever"
    Reviews by bruce w. from brooklyn, United States on Oct 10, 2015

    From the very start Dario was an extreme joy. He took his time, was very considerate, explained things very clearly and with enough humor to make the experience unbelievably great. The tour was one of the best tours I have ever had... in spite of the fact that we did it in the rain. I would not only recommend him in a heartbeat but would make sure that I go on his tours the next time I come back to Rome.

    • "Wonderful tour with a wonderful host! Highly recommend!"
    Reviews by Lauren B. from Ham Lane, ENGLAND on Sep 15, 2015

    I had such a wonderful time on this tour. Getting to go underground and experience the whole colosseum was incredible. Dario was a wonderful tour guide who had SO much information and stories to tell. I really enjoyed being able to step onto the colosseum stage and pretend to be a gladiator!! Seeing the colosseum very the top was also wonderful with amazing views over Rome. Although the colosseum was my favourite section of the tour, all the other areas (the forum etc) were also fantastic. After the tour had finished Dario even took us to a lovely little cafe (optional) where we sat drinking and eating and asking him even more questions about the wonderful city of Rome. I highly recommend Dario and this whole tour. Thank-you!

    • "5 Star Tour and Guide"
    Reviews by elaine d. from aberdeen, scotland on Sep 12, 2015

    Dario was excellent. Great knowledge delivered in a relaxed and warm manner. We could have listened to him all day.

    • "Brought the Colosseum to life"
    Reviews by Claire T. from Lancaster, UK on Aug 31, 2015

    This was our first trip to Rome a family of 4 with Two teenage children. We did some research before we went and decided to hire a guide for the Colosseum. Dario was our guide and he brought the place to life , his knowledge of the Colosseum was excellent and you find out lots of info that you would miss if not on the tour, he managed to keep the kids interested the whole time with a good balance of stats and humour, I would definitely recommend this tour if you are going to the Colosseum.

    • "Unforgettable experience with the finest guide I have used!"
    Reviews by David C. from Decines-Charpieu, France on Aug 17, 2015

    Dario was absolutely perfect as a guide of the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill. He was always ready to answer questions of which he was able to answer everything in an interesting and informative manner. He allowed plenty of time to take photos and we never felt rushed like so many tours normally are. He adapted himself to the group, allowing for various different requests. Dario made the tour both highly informative, educational and funny. This was the highlight of our trip in Rome and would love to do another tour with him if and when we have the chance. David and Sonia

    • "Brilliant Guide"
    Reviews by Lisa H. from Bradford, England on Aug 17, 2015

    Dario is a wonderful guide. He had been extremely helpful with suggestions, information and advice even before we got to Rome. On the day of the tour it was incredibly hot and we were wilting somewhat. Dario tried his best to find the most shaded areas or places that might catch a breeze. He was thoughtful to ensure we had sufficient water to drink. He was very knowledgeable about the Vatican and Sistine chapel and made the information easy and enjoyable to understand. I would highly recommend Dario to anyone, we had a lovely afternoon on his tour.

    • "Ostia Antica with teenage boys"
    Reviews by Valerie V. from Portage, USA on Aug 15, 2015

    Fantastic sights and fantastic guide! It is amazing to walk around Ostia and get a feeling for how people really lived in ancient Rome! We could walk right through the ruins of the bath houses and such (you could still see the mosaics on the floors--and where the slaves stoked the fires). My wife and I as well as my 14 and 17 year old boys were fascinated. Dario kept everyone engaged for the entire tour. Even sang for us to demonstrate the fabulous acoustics of an ancient ampitheater. It was also remarkably uncrowded but so easy to get to from Rome. Dario is incredible! He reminds of one of the experts on the Discovery Channel (He should be). He is incredibly knowledgeable and very passionate about history. He's also a super nice guy! His dinner suggestions were great as well. Highly recommend!!!---

    • "We who are about to tour salute you.....Dario!"
    Reviews by Julyan O. from London, United Kingdom on Aug 13, 2015

    Very engaging and well paced tour with just the right balance of general and detailed information all delivered in a relaxed and seemingly unscripted style. There was little need to ask questions as nearly all you needed to know about the Colosseum and the Forum complex was provided by Dario. We all felt very privileged to be on the underground tour of the Colosseum, to skip the queues and to have Dario as our guide.

    • "Outstanding"
    Reviews by Michael M. from Mount Martha, Australia on Jul 12, 2015

    We recently had a tour of the Colosseum and forum with Dario - he certainly knew his stuff and conveyed the history of what we were seeing in an engaging and informative way - he is great with kids and ensured that ours were included and involved - if you want to skip the lines and get an insight into what you are looking at I would book this tour. Don't look any further, seriously - Michael M

    • "Dario was awesome!"
    Reviews by Jesse L. from Perth, Australia on Jul 1, 2015

    Dario is a great guide- he's very knowledgable and very friendly. The tour was a true 'skip the line' tour, which was good. Got to see plenty of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and Dario explained every detail clearly and simply. We would definitely go on another tour with him!

    • "Thank you Dario for a fantastic tour!"
    Reviews by Jan S. from Minerva, Usa on Jun 26, 2015

    When we were in Rome we went on several tours with different tour guides and they were very good but Dario was exceptional. The difference was that he made sure to include everyone in what he was talking about, young and old. While people took pictures he was showing us things we may have missed. He really wanted you to enjoy and understand what you were seeing. He made the tour more of a historical conversation rather than a lecture. What we thought would be a little long of a tour for us was perfect. Also we loved the small group. Dario clearly loves what he does and we really recommend him as a tour guide! You won't be able to find a better one.

    • "Excellent guided tour, fantastic guide"
    Reviews by Lakshmi R. from London, Uk on Jun 17, 2015

    I was looking for a last minute tour of the vatican when I ran into Dario's team outside the colosseum - I verified with them whether I could join their trip next day which they were extremely accommodating about. Danilo, his colleague confirmed availability promptly within the hour which meant the EUR 60 I'd parted with towards the Vatican museum tickets were confirmed. I booked the guided tour online and met them both outside the museum. Dario was extremely effective as a guide, relating the incidents / museum artefacts to real life relatable examples. He was knowledgeable, considerate and well spoken. He understood the needs of his tour group well and catered to it. The tour experience was superior in the sense of the mind blowing Vatican museum collection. The Sistine chapel is a divine wonder in itself as is St Peter's Basilica although I had to leave half way through the viewing of the Basilica. Recommend this tour to anyone looking for a great insight into the Varican in half a day!

    • "Excellent Colosseum Underground Tour with Dario Andreucci"
    Reviews by Allan S. from Pevensey, United Kingdom on Jun 15, 2015

    We originally booked with Mind the Guide only because the Dark Rome and City Wonders tours were fully booked but we are now so glad that we did. With Mind the Guide we were able to select our guide and we were very lucky with our choice of Dario Andreucci as he is obviously very passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his city and he ensured that every question asked, even by people who were not in our group, was answered thoroughly! Dario spoke excellent English and his delivery was very relaxed and he kept us interested with his detailed and good humoured explanation of life in Ancient Rome. He was very conscious of the different fitness abilities of our small group and ensured that the pace of the tour was suitable for all. After a very informative two hour tour of the Palatine Hill and the Forum we stopped for a welcome 20 minute comfort break at a café for a coffee or ice cream (not included in the price) and then we continued on to our pre-booked Underground tour of the Colosseum. We skipped the line, on arrival, and went straight through to the ground level where Dario explained about the construction and helped us visualise the magnificence of the Colosseum in its early days. At the pre-booked time we were allocated an official Colosseum escort who unlocked the gates for our private tour and it was amazing to be one of the very few privileged people to be given private access to the arena floor where Dario, with his explanation, brought to life the amazing spectacle that would have greeted the gladiators as they entered the arena in front of 60,000 spectators. We then went to the Underground area, again through locked gates, for our private tour of the area where the slaves, gladiators and animals would have been housed. Dario explained about the wide range of animals that were used at the Colosseum and he described the mechanism that was used to hoist the animals onto the arena floor and he also explained what life and the conditions would have been like for the slaves who worked under the ground. We were then escorted, again through a locked gate, to the upper level of the Colosseum for excellent views of the Palatine Hill and the rather distant view of the arena. It was here that our tour ended, all too soon, some FIVE hours after it had started! It was a very interesting tour and we were privileged to have been given private access to areas of the Colosseum that are seldom seen and we were extremely lucky to have chosen an excellent tour guide in Dario who ensured that we were given a truly memorable experience for which we are extremely grateful. We would highly recommend Mind the Guide which, although much cheaper than City Wonders or Dark Rome, provided a memorable experience which could not be bettered.

    • "Absolutely incredible, would recommend to absolutely anyone!"
    Reviews by Matthew B. from Barnoldswick, United Kingdom on Jun 6, 2015

    Dario was fantastic, had an amazing knowledge, not just about the colosseum but everything about Rome itself. Not only did he show us around the tour, he also sat down with us afterwards and had a good chat, recommending us places to eat and drink for the rest of the trip. Couldn't give the highest reccomendation for this tour, and Dario himself. If we ever find ourselves in Rome again we would be sure to book with Dario. Ariana was also on a tour at the time, which we ended up sharing bits of the tour, she was also fantastic, and her enthusiasm and humour made the tour even more enjoyable! Keep up the good work guys, it's incredible! Matt and Sam (the manchester accent you couldn't impersonate)

    • "ideal tour experience"
    Reviews by Ceniecia C. from Tunapuna, Trinidad on Jun 4, 2015

    Professional knowledgeable and friendly. Very small and intimate group. Dario has a great personality and made the Vatican come alive for my friends and I.

    • "Excellent day with our tour guide Dario Andreucci"
    Reviews by Peter J. from Eastleigh, United Kingdom on Jun 2, 2015

    We booked a 3.1/2 hour tour of all levels of the collosseum and the roman forum with Dario Andreucci at mindtheguide.com Well he was fantastic we were in a small group of 10 which was brilliant when you have children 11 & 9. Dario showed us the standard two levels that anyone can view with the addition of the arena floor, underground and top floor, yes its extra but worth the money for the two hours. We then went through the Roman Forum for another two hours with Dario narrating which enabled us to get a wonderful understanding of what we were viewing. We highly recommend this guide and the tour.

    • "Had a great tour with Dario"
    Reviews by Kateryna T. from Sterling, USA on May 14, 2015

    I was traveling to Italy for 7 days, but had only 7 hours to spend in Rome. I contacted Dario about arranging a night tour for me and he was happy to do that. I arrived at 1 am and we spent 5 hours walking around night Rome. He is so knowledgeable and truly has a passion for the history of the city. Thank you for making this trip a memorable.

    • "Awesome Customer Service"
    Reviews by Selina J. from Charlottesville, USA on May 10, 2015

    I unfortunately didn't get to take my tour with him because of the traffic I was late getting there. But they tried really hard to get back in touch with me to let me know that they were waiting for me but my phone was in my purse and I did not get the messages. That meant a lot to me, so thank you so much for the kindness you showed.

    • "Underground Colosseum Tour"
    Reviews by Sneha S. Flat E, United Kingdom on May 7, 2015

    The official tour at the other website was sold out and I was looking for alternatives when I came upon Mind the Guide. We had the perfect tour with Mind the Guide, book them you wont be disappointed. The group is always small as the maximum tour size is 12. We were total of 7 of us and Dario. He has amazing knowledge and really brought the past to life. We felt really lucky to be shown around by Dario as we had private access to the underground, the arena and upper tier which you can't access through normal tickets. We then carried on to the forum and capitol hill which again was brought to life in great detail. We also had an option to go to the Pantheon but we had a flight to catch so had to skip that or else we would have definitely opted for it. Dario was keen to check that we had seen everything that we wanted to and we ended the tour at a cafe. He used this time to recommend restaurants to us. He was very patient as we had our friends daughter who is 2 years old and had a stroller on us so he was very helpful when it came to climbing stairs and going slower than usual. Thanks again Dario we all had a wonderful experience.

    • "Fantastic tour of the Colosseum and Forum with Dario"
    Reviews by Deborah M. from Atherton, USA on May 5, 2015

    My husband and I are both very critical and we thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Dario. He is extremely well informed and informative, knows his history backwards and forwards, answered our questions attentively and patiently, and was generally delightful. He spent more than the allotted time with us and was interested in our perspectives as well. We can't praise him highly enough!

    • "Beyond the call of duty"
    Reviews by Chris M. from Halifax, UK on May 2, 2015

    Dario made our trip to Rome complete. He went out of his way to make sure any problems with the booking were sorted, on the net our he answered any and every question we had. At the end of the tour he left us in the museum for drinks! Dario was keen for feedback and wanted to know how he could improve on the tour he provided, refreshing to meet someone not only interested in his work but keen to improve. don't chose anyone else!

    • "Great visit and tour"
    Reviews by timothy s. from peterborough, United States on Apr 27, 2015

    We really enjoyed learning about the Vatican's history and appreciated the art much more because of the knowledge of Dario. Tour was the right length and a very good value.

    • "Excellent Tour"
    Reviews by timothy s. from peterborough, United States on Apr 21, 2015

    The price was very fair and Dario was both very knowledgeable and adept at leading children and adults. We highly recommend him and have booked another tour with him during our stay here.

    • "Fantastic "
    Reviews by Derek H. from St. Albert, Canada on Apr 20, 2015

    Our tour was wonderful. There was no wait and we were able to see areas of the Colosseum most people cannot. Dario was very clear, fun and informative and even had fun with our 5 and 6 year old monkeys. I would highly recommend this to anyone. definitely the best way to visit the ancient city !

    • "Favorite Day in Italy"
    Reviews by Heather H. from Waukesha, United States on Apr 12, 2015

    Thanks Dario for helping to make our stay in Rome so memorable. We especially appreciated your customized tour of the Vatican/St. Peter's. You gave us a semester's worth of art history in one very enjoyable afternoon and made the tour interesting and engaging for all of us, including our teen daughters. My daughters thought your tours were the highlights of our trip to Italy because they learned so much from you. Thanks again.

    • "This was our favorite tour!"
    Reviews by Lois F. from East northport, USA on Apr 11, 2015

    Dario was so informative and friendly. We learned so much today!!!! We will be recommending this tour to our friends, for sure.

    • "Great Experience!"
    Reviews by angela s. from sandymount, Ireland on Apr 9, 2015

    Dario was a great tour guide. He helped navigate the Colloseum and Roman Forman so we could see the best parts of both. My kids both enjoyed the tour and were able to stay engaged for 4 hours because Dario kept it interesting. I would highly recommend the tour!

    • "Great Tour"
    Reviews by Ryan T. from Littleton, United States on Apr 7, 2015

    Dario was the best tour guide we have had and really enjoyed touring the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum. He is very knowledgeable and professional yet mad ethe tour fun and enjoyable and would highly recommend. Also, the audio guide the was provided was much better than the one we had at the Vatican through Viator and wish we could have toured the Vatican with Dario!!

    • "Underground colosseum"
    Reviews by jennifer w. from bonn, Germany on Apr 6, 2015

    We thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Dario was great with my 14 ,13 and 6 year old. He couldn't do enough for us. Everything was looked after and thought about during our 3.5 hour tour from making sure we didn t slip to not missing photo opps, opening gates and warning us what not to buy and from who not to buy from He was extremely knowledgable about roman history and the buildings surrounding the colosseum We have taken Many tours and this one was the best. Thank you!!!

    • "Amazing Vatican Tour"
    Reviews by SUSIE W. from NR SILVER END, ESSEX, ENGLAND on Apr 4, 2015

    This is must see visit whilst in Rome and our second tour with Mind The Guide and although a busy Easter weekend we met our Guide Dario and quickly passed the lengthly queues into the Vatican Museum. Once inside it is easy too see how vast the Museum is but Dario expertly showed us the highlights including the art, artifacts and the amazing Sistine Chapel providing history of the Vatican throughout our tour and the highlight for our Son was when Dario shared a childhood experience which will definitely be a mummy Ben never forgets - priceless!! Again this tour was an amazingly experience and if visiting Rome we would recommend using this company 150% as the groups are small, you get to see more than you can imagine and access all areas of the attraction you are visiting - once again many thanks for your help in arranging our tours and if any friends are looking to visit Rome we will certainly recommend Mind The Guide - Susie, Dave and Ben

    • "Underground Colosseum Tour"
    Reviews by SUSIE W. from NR SILVER END, ESSEX, ENGLAND on Apr 3, 2015

    Amazing tour of the Colosseum with access to some of the most anazing view points which general access would not of allowed. In addition to this our guide Dario was both informative and entertaining and was always happy to answer any questions which are making us look forward to the Vatican tour tomorrow - many thanks for an amazing experience which brought the Colosseum and Forum to life for us Susie, Dave and Ben

    • "Colosseum tour "
    Reviews by Kurt H. from Farnham common, United Kingdom on Mar 28, 2015

    By far the best tour we went on in the week we spent in Rome. Dario was a fantastic tour guide full of information delivered in a very clear and fun way. Only regret was not booking the rest of our tours with mind the guide. I would 100% recommend to a friend.

    • "Tour of the Vatican"
    Reviews by Lulukev on Mar 10, 2015

    My boyfriend and I booked Dario from Mind the Guide for the Vatican. Dario is a fantastic tour guide, very friendly and knowledgeable of all the Vatican museums and art history. Dario's tour through the museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Square and Basilica was fascinating and very enjoyable. Dario happily answered all our questions, never rushed us past any area and we were fortunate to have him all to ourselves. I would highly recommend Dario and had a very enjoyable day at the Vatican.

    • "He made the history come to life!"
    Reviews by James, NYC on Feb 21, 2015

    Dario Andreucci recently led my son and me, together with a dozen other persons, on a four and a half hour tour of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and several other sites of historic Rome. Dario was extraordinary - he made the history come to life vividly through intelligent descriptions of the art, the architecture, the politics and society. He responded thoughtfully and carefully to questions. He provided specific examples of how people at all levels lived in ancient Rome, what it was like to watch gladiators fight in the Colosseum, and how a Roman senator spent his day. He was able to differentiate his speech in ways enlightening and stimulating to both adults and children. This tour was one of the highlights of our visit, and I heartily endorse Dario as a guide for others who may visit the eternal city!

    • "Saturday at the Vatican"
    Reviews by Corinne B. from LYON, France on Jan 25, 2015

    Very interesting tour of the museum, the Sistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica. In depth explanations on the art as well as the artists and their commissioners (I.e. The various popes), the architecture, the political context... Enough to please curious people. Not recommended for those who want a bird's eye view. A 15 minute stop in one of the cafeteria would have been appreciated (but we didn't ask for one either...) that would be my major negative comment! So kudos to our guide Dario in the hope the company will grow and develop even more tours for us to enjoy.

    • "Fantastic Tour Guide!"
    Reviews by Kristen B. from Scarborough, United States on Jan 25, 2015

    My boyfriend and I (both in our early 20s) booked Dario for the Vatican tour and the Roman Walking tour and we both could not have been happier! His is an extremely personable and knowledgeable man! We were lucky to have him to ourselves for both tours and he really gauged the tour to our personal likes. He was very generous with his time and we never felt rushed or not fulfilled at any of the sites. I would highly recommend Dario as a tour guide and MtG tours overall it is a fantastic idea letting the tours be more personable and letting the clients choose, unlike most of the tours we saw offered. Thank you Dario!!

    • "Five stars!"
    Reviews by James B, Madrid on Jan 20, 2015

    I booked with MtG because the owner of our apartment recommended them. Their web Page and payment system worked well and we booked at a very reasonable price the Coloseum and Forum tour at 9am with Dario for 2 parents and a 12 year old, whose only knowledge of Classical Rome is what she knows from Asterix! After booking, I checked on Trip Advisor and was pleased to see such positive reviews. And after the tour I can only agree with them. It was the highlight of our week in Rome and it was a pleasure to spend 4 hours with Dario (he had no afternoon tour so we ended up chatting for longer). He pitches the level of the tour at the level of his group rather than givng the same talk to all, and he is just a really knowledgeable and nice person! It turns out that he is the driving force behind the Company, that aims to link guides with clients rather than always going through agencies. And all I can say is that if he requires the same qualities in his team that he offers himself then whoever you choose as your MtG guide you will be very happy. Good luck with the project, which makes such a refreshing change from the standard stale and overpriced tours you would normally find in Rome!

    • "Highly Recommended!"
    Reviews by Adam, Cambridge, UK on Jan 10, 2015

    My partner and I went on a tour of the colosseum with Dario Andreucci. He was very knowledgeable. He happily answered all my questions and gave a very interesting insight into the changing face of rome over many years. His passion for his job made it a great experience. Thank you Dario! This is a relatively new tour company that is very focused on customer satisfaction. It is slightly cheaper than the big tour companies and way better value. Also, the tour group sizes are smaller.

    Reviews by Francisco S. from San Diego, San Diego on Dec 18, 2014

    We were hesitant on taking a tour when visiting Rome we didn't want to be spending lots of time listening to some one talk. However, we decided to give it a try and needless to say. We were very impressed with the knowledge that Dario has, and the easy to understand the history and not be uninterested with the tour. We were very happy how Dario conducted the tour and all the information he gave us about a specific site the we visited. Thank you Dario for everything. Familia Soto

    • "Second visit to the Vatican with Dario"
    Reviews by Penelope C. from Singapore, Singapore on Dec 12, 2014

    I booked a tour with Dario on the Mind The Guide website as I enjoyed his Ancient Rome Tour so much. On my first visit to the Vatican, I booked with a tour company and the guide lost several of us at the Sistine Chapel. We were told to meet at a particular spot and we ended up being lost halfway. No such problems with Dario. He was very clear and ensured I did not get lost. Dario is very passionate about his job and even conducted the tour when I was the only participant. Although I don't know much about art, Dario took pains to explain to me how to appreciate the works in the Vatican which I appreciated very much. As I got lost during my 1st tour with another company, Dario ensured that I was able to enjoy his tour fully and also took me into St Peter's Basilica where I was able to better appreciate the architecture and the history of the church thanks to him. I highly recommend Dario if you are visiting Rome. He adds a personal touch which you cannot find in tour guides who work for other companies. If you have a question not about the tour, Dario is also very happy to answer.

    • "We really had an incredible time!"
    Reviews by Michelle MP, Sidney on Nov 30, 2014

    Dario is an exceptional guide, with an enormous amount of knowledge who is also very passionate about the city he was born and grew up in. Rome is not new to me - but today Dario took us on an incredible adventure seeing sites I had seen in the past, but never experienced in this way before. Dario is highly educated and his stories and historical knowledge were fascinating. We specifically wanted to see the Colloseum underground, follow the steps of Julius Caesar and see some art works by Caravaggio. We not only got to see what we wanted, but he created a most enjoyable full day tour which encompassed many aspects of Rome in all it's glory. This most definitely is a day in Rome we will never forget. Thank you so much Dario! We look forward to recommending your services to our friends and family who travel to Rome. "

    • "great experience"
    Reviews by Penny Beal B. from keewatin, Canada on Oct 31, 2014

    we had some not so fun times previously in Rome, so meeting Dario at the Piazza navone, and having a well paced walk with him, explaining, answering questions, keeping us safe (oh those Roman drivers!), was delightful and felt so safe. our religious experience with the caffe was awesome, and also loved the gelato on the piazza at the end of our walk. he made us feel welcome, and we learned a great deal. Thank you Dario!

    • "Vatican 3 hours tour"
    Reviews by Monica Flanner on Aug 10, 2014

    Dario took us on a walking tour of the Vatican. He was extremely knowledgeable and spoke impeccable English with a typically Italian sense of humour which made the tour fun and much less formal than your typical historical tour: because of his background in art, "looking" at the ceilings sculptures and paintings took on a whole new meaning. All questions were welcomed. I pre booked the tour on the internet through mindtheguide.com. So happy I did!!! Highly recommended

    • "Great tour!"
    Reviews by Marylin Dyer on Aug 7, 2014

    Our guide Dario for the Vatican was very knowledgeable, punctual and very comfortable to be around. He definitely knew the "ropes" and our tour was delightful and informative. I would highly recommend him to future clients.

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