Mind The Guide Terms of Business

Last update: 06/12/2014
  • Introduction

    These General Conditions of Contract, governing the use of the site www.mindtheguide.com, the registration of a user account, and the reservation of the guide service or experience. Together with these terms and conditions are always applied together with the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" Mind The Guide srl, and they are applicable for the site www.mindtheguide.com. At the time of the recording (for opening an account), you agree to these Terms and Conditions, the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" of the Mind The Guide srl as mediation and regulation as the content of the report Mind The Guide Srl with legal guides and how-tos, respectively.

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  • User account

    In order to begin to book one or more services on www.mindtheguide.com, it is necessary to open a personal account and register. When will the registration you can enter your personal information that must be communicated to the guides for all the necessary paperwork to the reservation. Registration to the site www.mindtheguide.com can only be done by individuals age 18 and over, or when it comes to registration of a company or a legal person must be the person expressly auotirzzata recommended companies or legal person that requires' entry to the site. You can not enter pseudonyms or false names or make registration on behalf of others. Mind The Guide srl reserves the right to delete accounts with wrong names, or incongruous with data. Mind The Guide srl does not grant anyone the right to join or use the platform. Any natural person, legal entity or company can own only one account, the account can not be transferred to others nor sold. The information you are in need to be updated by the user, and Mind The Guide srl is not liable in any way if the information is lacking, unbiased, incorrect or outdated information constitute a case of force majeure for the cancellation of the tour or if they cause damage or problems in carrying out the service.

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  • Booking

    The booking service on the website www.mindtheguide.com, all the processes of booking and payment must be done by using forms and specific screens on the site. The booking is instantaneous and it is confirmed with an email: the email will contain all the info to access "your profile" on mindtheguide.com, in the section Login. All subsequent communication and the exchange of emails between the user and the guide must always be done using the tools and forms provided by www.mindtheguide.com to perform a certain and proper execution of the contract. In cases where this does not happen Mind The Guide srl is not responsible in any way. The offers published on the website does not in any case constitute a constraint for the Mind The Guide srl. The acquisition of the tour takes place on the website with the button "BOOK NOW", and is confirmed via e-mail, through telematic tools provided bywww.mindtheguide.com, and occurred only after the full payment. If the payment transaction is not successful it will not be charged to your credit card. Vouchers and receipts will be made through the portal www.mindtheguide.com. Customers can see them accessing their personal profile on mindtheguide.com, within the section "log in" The cancellation of the booking by the user is via email to info@mindtheguide.com. Read our Refund Policy

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  • Review system

    Our service offers the ability and gives the kind invitation through email or social media channels, to make a review on the guide that will have completed the service. Our aim is to propose on our site certified tour guides who have high professional skills and language and which can be judged by the end user and not by Mind The Guide srl. This means that the form of review that the Site and / or the driving through the site invite you to fill out should contain true, verified and verifiable. It can not contain verbal abuse of any kind including judgments on race, religion, sexual orientation and political, and Mind The Guide srl reserves the right to delete them uniquely and explicitly without having to provide any information. Mind The Guide srl also reserves the right to exclude you from further use of the booking platform www.mindtheguide.com and delete the account. Mind The Guide srl guides and any interested suppliers reserve the right to further legal action, in particular for the damages.

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  • Direct contact with guides

    Mind The Guide srl expressly prohibits the use of "direct message" as a means of exchanging non-public information between you and the provider, including through personal email may be provided on the profile of the guide, or provided as a service by www.mindtheguide.com.

    The direct message is intended exclusively for information about the service and its execution. You should not share personal or non-specific questions to the service using the functionality of the direct message. Direct messages do not need to close contracts or cancel reservations. Should this happen Mind The Guide srl considered null and void with respect to this effect. In these cases, they must use the appropriate forms. Mind The Guide srl expressly reserves the right to inspect and direct messages to delete messages that do not comply with these Terms. Mind The Guide srl may terminate your account at our sole discretion to make personal use of the form Direct Message.

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  • Legal relationship with Mind The Guide srl

    Mind The Guide srl will offer this marketplace, so that you can come into direct contact with the service provider of your choice and make a booking. The contract for your purchase is made directly between you and the guidance and / or the service provider. Mind The Guide srl is not in any way an implicit and / or explicit contractual partner for the service booked. Mind The Guide srl acts only as a mediator between you and the tour guide and / or tour provider or tourist service. Any damage caused to Mind The Guide srl through the use of blogs, the review of the service and or direct contact is your direct responsibility. Mind The Guide srl assumes no liability in the event of problems related to the reservation, except in case of manifest and serious proven blame. In cases of slight negligence and, in all other cases related to lack of guidance or possible collaborators Mind The Guide srl is not in any way responsible. The responsibility of the Mind The Guide srl is limited to the immediate damage is presumed, therefore, excluded consequential damages, loss of profits, etc. and is also excluded liability for punitive damages. Additional limitations of liability or responsibility excluded from these Terms or any applicable provisions of law are reserved. The liability for computer viruses, spyware, and other damages caused by computer programs. If you are an unregistered visitor and you have made a booking you are still subject to the terms of use.

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  • Applicable law and litigation

    The legal relations with Mind The Guide srl are subject exclusively to the right of the Italian State and all disputes to be held in compliance with Italian laws.

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